Sunday, February 18, 2007

Surviving Skiing and Transfiguration Sunday

Other than the ski-tip imprint and large bruise on my back, I managed to emerge relatively unscathed from my first-ever downhill skiing experience. Never say never because it WILL rise up and bite you! All in all it was a terrific day. Only one member of the youth group had been skiing before, but it didn't take the rest of them long to get the hang of it. I was definitely the slow learner of the group. The "expert" of the group happened to be my daughter, so she was mortified to have me flailing around as she whizzed past. Oh well, isn't embarrassment and mortification part of a mother's job description?
So I had my mountaintop experience on Saturday, and boy was I glad to come down! Today's sermons basically ended up being a challenge to be transformed by Jesus' presence in our lives--to be aware as we head into Lent of what lies beneath life's surfaces and the faces of those with whom we come into contact. We did the Amazing Grace Sunday thing, and I was gratified by the number of parishioners who signed the petition to end modern-day slavery. Most folks were pretty shocked to hear the startling figures. Slavery just isn't on most North Dakotans' radar screens. But then is it really on most folks' minds?
On to Ash Wednesday and confirmation...


Corby Lewis said...

I appreciate the link to our blog, especially how it's in the "my favorites" section.

My first ever skiing experience was on a Spirit youth group trip from what I think is your church, keep up the good work.

Notes from Guatemala

Prairie Pastor said...

Thanks for visiting the blog. You two keep up the good work, too! We remember you in prayer each Sunday, and there will be an article in this month's parish newsletter. Peace and light.